What is Challenge100 ?

This is an initiative to dispatch full-time instructors to conduct Cryotec method training and workshops followed by freeze cycles of either oocytes, cleavage stage embryos, or blastocysts, aiming for 100 facilities around the world, 100 consecutive freeze cycles, and a 100% survival rate.

The goal of this challenge is to minimize losses in the freezing and thawing of oocytes and embryos by providing training support for freezing and thawing technicians, in other words to aim for the best survival rate and maximize treatment results in freeze cycles.

When implementing Challenge 100, we will provide the vitrification and warming kits to be used for the 100 cases, as well as both freezing and thawing for special technical and academic sampling use and training use relating to the freezing and thawing technology, free of charge.


Successful Facilities

Welcome to 100% Survival Club

100% Survival Club is a manufacturer certification for facilities meeting the highest standards in cryopreservation which archived a 100% survival rate in consecutive cases freezing and thawing oocytes and embryos in this challenge.

In order to help patients select treatment facilities, we will work mutually to publish topics relating to cryopreservation in mediums including bulletins and academic conferences, and Reprolife will endeavor to extensively advertise the 100% Survival Club facilities as those possessing the highest levels of cryopreservation skill in the world.

100% Survival Club

Participant Feedback

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Challenge 100 instructors

Embryologist Yui Umekawa

Yui Umekawa Embryologist

I have been working diligently as an embryologist in advanced reproductive medicine to help as many patients as possible someday have babies. Utilizing this invaluable experience, I will continue working as hard as I can to help the embryologists of the world who encounter tiny lives every day.
Embryologist María Guadalupe de Alba

María Guadalupe de Alba Embryologist

To have the opportunity of training embryologist with the Cryoetc Method and improve the results for their patients is a great honor and invaluable.
  • 培養士 梅川 由衣Yui Umekawa
  • 培養士 鈴木 望文María Guadalupe de Alba