Masashige Kuwayama, Founder of REPROLIFE

Masashige Kuwayama was originally involved in the development of bovine in-vitro technology—the basis for human reproductive medical technology—setting up the world’s largest bovine in-vitro center in 1989. He continued as a leader in key fields such as in-vitro fertilization, in-vitro cultivation and cryopreservation, developing the world’s leading technologies.
Fumiaki Shibui

Fumiaki Shibui CEO

I, Fumiaki Shibui, assumed the position of Representative Director on September 1, 2022.
I will do my best to meet everyone's expectations.
We appreciate your continued support.

Building a better company together.

We will help to create lives with honor and kindness.

Company Overview

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    AM Building 9F, 2-5-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo [MAP]
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    Masashige Kuwayama
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    Fumiaki Shibui
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    67 (including part-time, as of October 2022)

Spreading Hope Around the World

The Global Sales Department team travels the world promoting the Cryotec Method and providing training as part of REPROLIFE’s guiding philosophy: In order to protect the dignity of life, only the safest methods are acceptable. The Cryotec Method is the safest and simplest way to realize the hopes of pregnancy contained in oocytes and embryos. The method is in use in facilities worldwide, bringing joy to people who always dreamt of having children. REPROLIFE’s cutting-edge technology maximizes the potential of each patient’s oocytes and embryos. We at REPROLIFE will continue to spread the joy generated by cryopreservation to every corner of the world and will persist until the suffering caused by infertility is extinguished from the world.
Jin Sakata

Jin Sakata

I have worked in sales in many different industries. Always throughly field-oriented in my work, I continue to travel around the country to do what I can to give form to people's voices. I have become throughly immersed in the Cryotec preservation method, and will work hard to be able to solve any problems and answer any questions in vitrification.
  • Jin SakataJin Sakata

Everything we do is to bring smiles to people

The Manufacturing Division was created as manufacturing factories for REPROLIFE. This division manages the production process are carried out in these factories, from solution dispensing and inspection to assembly, packaging, and shipping. We cooperate with the other departments to enable fast and flexible shipping of our products to 70 countries overseas, playing a vital supporting role for hospital facilities, clinics, etc.
Our dream is to bring smiles to all the people in the world suffering from infertility, and we deliver our products to the world based on our motto of "quality products faster.

Spread good products to the world

I have a skill for creating startups which "spread good things around the world," and am working toward the unified implementation of planning, marketing, and proposal-based sales. It is my responsibility to conduct planning, proposals, and follow-ups from the customer's point of view. We are always pleased to provide support which is beneficial for facilities and patients, so please feel free to contact us.

We have started a new "REPROLIFE."

  • We are aiming for approval (certification) in countries around the world.
  • We achieve a level of quality that will satisfy our clients and protect the patients.
  • We have established a quality management system based on ISO quality assurance standards and will maintain and improve it.
  • All employees participate and cooperate to promote quality assurance activities.
Rieko Higuchi

Made possible by music

Rieko HiguchiMusic therapy promotion department chief

Music therapy aims to use the various strengths of music to promote mental and physical development and the acquisition of social skills.
In the music therapy promotion department we implement musical
therapy with the goals of "language and vocal stimulation," "increasing exercise regulation ability," and "acquiring social skills" for children with disabilities.
The children become able to do things they couldn't before, and learn things they didn't know.
Please enjoy time together with them as they accumulate these experiences, leading to enriching growth that is "made possible by music."

What we are able to do.

Bringing smiles to women around the world who desire children. .... The employees of REPROLIFE are working hard around the world with a grand mission at heart. Our mission is to support these partners of ours. To provide an environment where our partners can engage in their work with peace of mind, and to build a workplace where they can fully manifest their potential. What should we do now, and what can we do? We will tackle challenges every day while confronting a variety of issues. Everything we do is to tangibly realize the enthusiasm of our partners.

A company which values clinical application, research, and support

Our affiliate facilities play a variety of roles in clinical application, research, and support for prospective parents
The research department was split off into Repro Support Medical Research Center Co., Ltd.

Established REPRO Support Medical Research Center Co., Ltd., as a research facility.


The name was changed to the Institute of Advanced Reproductive Technology, Inc.

Cancun Advanced Reproductive Medicine Center opened in Mexico

Cancun Advanced Reproductive Medicine Center opened in Mexico

Launched the music therapy promotion department for the goal of childcare support

Launched the music therapy promotion department for the goal of childcare support

Inquiries accepted below If you have any inquires relating to employment or learning, or any other questions, etc., please fill out the inquiries form below and send them to us.

Masashige Kuwayama


After setting up the world’s largest center (1989) using In Vitro technology with cows, which was the foundation for human reproductive medical technology, he continued as a leader in key fields such as in vitro fertilization, in-vitro cultivation, and, cryopreservation, developing the world’s leading technologies.
In March of 1999 when he encountered a married couple who were facing the hopeless and unhappy problem of infertility due to age, he decided to devote himself to the development and proliferation of reproductive medical technology which could provide new cures for such patients.
From the following month he transitioned into the field of reproductive medicine and since then has been working vigorously toward the development and proliferation of new treatments.

In May of 1999, he succeeded in the world’s first practical implementation of human oocyte freezing, creating opportunities for single female cancer patients to have children after their cancer treatment.
In 2001 he established the world’s first egg cell bank, and from 2002 he took his work overseas to provide technological guidance.
In 2003 the first baby in America and in 2004 the first babies in South America and Europe were successfully born using Kuwayama’s oocyte cryopreservation technology.
In 2014 the first baby was born using the cryopreserved oocytes of an single blood cancer patient from the Japanese egg cell bank.
In order to spread his superior cryopreservation technology around the world, he devised and developed highly efficient and reproducible human oocyte and embryo cryopreservation techniques as well as holding international academic conferences, workshops and local training classes.
As a result, the cryopreservation techniques developed by Kuwayama have brought happiness to patients around the world.
In 2007 he also succeeded in the world’s first ovarian tissue vitrification preservation, expanding the possibilities for female fertility preservation even further.

Furthermore, in order to solve the problem of oocyte aging in patients with age-based infertility, for which there is currently no effective treatment, he is working vigorously on the development of cytoplasm replacement techniques whereby the concept of organ transplantation is applied to replace the cytoplasm of aged oocytes with young, healthy cytoplasm.
He has already achieved the world’s first success in animal tests and is now waiting for clinical trials.
At the same time, he is devising and developing various peripheral technologies and equipment relating to the manipulation and cultivation of oocytes, sperm, and embryos, such as cultivation vessels and transportation equipment for embryo cultivation, clean benches with constant temperatures for sterile manipulation of embryos and cold clean benches with low-temperature treatment, a low-oxygen cultivation system using the nitrogen in the atmosphere, and dry incubators for human embryos.

Masashige Kuwayama

Work History

Commissioned Researcher, Ministry Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Animal Husbandry Laboratory (Zoogonous Development Lab: Dr. Akira Hanada)
Set up and was appointed leader to the world’s largest bovine In Vitro technology center, Livestock Improvement Company Biotech Center
Achieved world’s first successful cyopreservation of bovine in-vitro fertilized oocytes using “vitrification method”
Part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Agriculture (until 2000)
Visiting research in Australia (Adelaide University)
Invited to research in Denmark (Royal Copenhagen University)
Argentina (University of Buenos Aires, associate professor)
Appointed representative of Kato Ladies’ Clinic Advanced Reproductive Research Lab
Succeeded in the practical implementation of human oocyte cryopreservation using vitrification method (world’s first)
Developed human oocyte vitrification kit
Successfully in rejuvenation of aged bovine oocytes
Journal of Reproductive Bio-Medicine Online (editorial committee member)
Standing board of directors, Japanese Society of Clinical Embryologists
Succeeded in human ovarian tissue vitrification (world’s first)
Part-time lecturer at Meiji University and International University of Health and Welfare
Chairman of Repro Support Medical Research Center
Part-time lecturer at Azabu University
President of REPROLIFE Co., Ltd.
Board chairman of Advanced Fertility Center Cancun
director of Advanced Institute of Reproductive Technologies

Greetings from the Representative Director

I, Fumiaki Shibui, assumed the position of Representative Director on September 1, 2022.
Under the new “company motto”, all employees will unite and aim for “happiness” for everyone involved in our company.
We will continue to devote ourselves to the development of our business.
I will do my best to meet everyone’s expectations.
We appreciate your continued support.