Products introduction

Products introduction

Today, we would like to introduce our products here!

【Vitrification Solution】

-Product Features-
As a result of all culture media being serum- and protein-free, long-term stability (up to a maximum of 12 months) can be safety and reliably achieved.

The use of endotoxin-free trehalose enhances safety and offers the world’s premier vitrification-forming ability. Effects on cells are also reduced to the maximum extent. By decreasing the concentration of cryoprotectants and lowering chemical toxicity, safety is improved. The burden on oocytes and embryos is reduced by slowing changes in osmotic pressure as much as possible, allowing oocytes and embryos to be handled using the same protocols.

【Warming Solutions】

-Product Features-
By using an optimal amount of HPC, the viscosity of the solution is enhanced, and changes in osmotic pressure are mitigated. In order to ensure safe restoration and minimize damage to cells and cytoskeletons due to hyperhydration, the speed of rehydration and dehydration can be adjusted.


-Product Features-
REPROLIFE’s plate is the world’s first specialized vitrification plate and was designed for safer handling of oocytes and embryos.

The plate boasts an extremely simple loading procedure, which is achieved by placing the straw (Cryotec) onto the grooves built into the plate. The height and size of the plate allow procedures to be carried out with minimal microscope operation. Round-bottomed wells prevent shadows caused by light refraction, making it easier to keep track of oocytes and embryos. Ease of use is further improved with well-adjacent grooves for wastewater.

When the warming solution is added to the bottom of the well, the round-bottomed shape prevents the solution reservoir from loosening, thus facilitating a gentle and extremely slow dilution process.

【Straws (Cryotec)】

-Product Features-
The world’s thinnest (0.1mm) and widest (1.4mm) sheet suppresses the development of air bubbles, resulting in very fast freezing and thawing speeds. The pointed tip is shaped like a right-angled triangle, eliminating mistakes related to orientation when operating the equipment.

The rectangular shape of the main unit also makes it easy to hold, improves stability when handling the unit, and allows for patient information to be easily filled in.

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